Upperclass Housing

Upperclass housing options provide a greater level of independence for juniors, seniors, 5th year seniors, and graduate students. Comprised of primarily apartments, studios, and lofts, these spaces provide access to kitchens and greater autonomy over your space.

Upperclass Housing Buildings
Buildings Include:

The following buildings and floors are designated for upperclass students. Upperclass students have priority housing selection for these spaces. Click on the building to view room types, amenities, and floor plans.

Upperclassmen Area Room Types:
BuildingRoom Types
15 West
(Floors 6-11)
Apartments (3 or 4 Bedroom)
Group Loft
Shared Triple Loft
Shared Double Loft
Studio Loft
Two Bedroom Loft
Colonial ApartmentsStudio Apartment
Apartments (2 or 3 Bedroom)
Dwight House ApartmentsStudio Apartment

The following Community Coordinators supervise the upperclass buildings. Community Coordinators are your go-to person for any questions or issues you may have living in these buildings.

Community CoordinatorBuildings
Becky Cole
Email: rcole@risd.edu
Office Phone: 401-454-6650
Office Location: 15 West, 1st Floor
15 West
Gabriel Navarro
Email: gnavarro@risd.edu
Office Phone: 401-454-6650
Office Location: Colonial C02
Colonial Apartments
Dwight House
Hill Houses