On Campus Resources

A large part of coming to RISD is learning how to advocate for yourself and utilize the wide variety of campus resources available to you. For many, this is your first not having a guardian, parent, or family friend to guide you through what to do. Know that there is always someone available at RISD to help you, no matter the day or time.

You wake up in the middle of the night with a fever, who can you call? You’re struggling to make friends, who can you talk to? You’re lost in Providence, who can you call at RISD to assist you?


RISD and Residence Life have an emergency on call structure in place that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our RAs serve on call every day and are an excellent resources for students having issues in their buildings or on campus. Professional Residence Life staff are also available after hours and on weekends to assist with any emergencies. Additionally, Public Safety is always available 24/7 at 401-454-6666.

Health Issues

We all don’t feel well at some point during our time in college. These are resources you can turn to:

  • Emergency: Health emergencies, call Public Safety at 401-454-6666. Public Safety officers are certified EMTs and respond 24/7 to any health emergency.
  • During Business Hours, M-F: Health Services
  • After Hours: Contact Public Safety
Mental Health Concerns
  • Emergencies: Call Public Safety
  • During Business Hours, M-F: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • After Hours:
    • Call CAPS and you can be connected to a counselor 24/7, 365
    • You can reach out to your RA and they can assist and connect you to any resource you may need
Facilities Issues

If you’re having an issue with your physical room, for example your light isn’t working, your heat isn’t on, your window is broken, your door won’t open, etc. you should submit a work order at workorders.risd.edu

For emergencies, such as floods and fires, please call Public Safety at 401-454-6666.

Roommate and/or Neighbor Issues

Roommate and neighbor issues happen – it is a natural part of living in a community with others. Part of living in a community is learning how to live with others. Communication is key and oftentimes roommates or neighbors have no idea they’re causing an issue unless you talk with them.

If you are having roommate or neighbor issues, reach out to your RA – they are trained in mediation and roommate disagreements and can walk you through how to address the situation. They can provide you with tips and tricks on how to navigate issues.

General Problem or Question and Not Sure Where to Go

Whether you have a general issue or question, such as who to talk to about on campus jobs, how to talk to a professor about an issue you’re having, or how to get connected on campus, your RA is the best resource. RAs are trained on campus resources and can connect you to whomever you would need to talk to.

International Students

Coming to the USA and living and studying at RISD can be a difficult transition. You can always go to your RA and AIR. The Office of International Student Services (OISS) is also an excellent resource if you have questions about visa, travel, and culture shock.

If you have questions about RISD health insurance as an international students, reach out to RISD Health Services.

Special Diets, Food Allergies + Isolation/Quarantine Meals

If you have a special diet or food allergies and need help planning what you can and cannot eat in the dining halls, you can reach out to Dining. They will meet with you, review the menus, and help you make informed decisions.

Click here for Fall 2021 Dining Special Diet/Food Allergies Info.