Property Insurance

Did you know that renter’s insurance is available to protect your personal property from loss or damage while you are away at school? Signing up for renter’s coverage will protect your personal belongings from theft, floods, accidents, or other unforeseen damaging circumstances.

While a Homeowner’s Policy may be satisfactory for some students and parents, these policies may carry high claim deductibles and do not cover breakage or accidental damage, leaving much of student property loss unreimbursed or only partially recoverable.

Fortunately, renters’ insurance is easy to obtain. And, although RISD is not responsible for any loss or damage to Student’s personal property, we wanted to make affordable renter’s insurance available to you.

RISD has partnered with College Student Insurance to provide students with excellent rates—as low as $69 per year! Online access makes the process quick and easy, with online quotes and instant coverage! And unlike your family homeowner’s, policies are designed for students and come with deductibles as low as $25.00.

All students should consider insurance coverage for their personal belongings. It covers student property as well as property of others in their care, such as school property, includes loss from breakage and accidental damage and has very low claim deductibles. College Student Insurance plans are made available through Arthur J. Gallagher & Co and can be secured through the College Student Insurance website.

Looking for a broad overview of renter’s insurance? Check out Consumers Advocate’s Renter’s Insurance Overview!