Preparing for the Holidays Away From Campus!

Safety first
Comply with your landlords instructions and DO NOT post your plans on facebook!

What Are You Leaving Behind?
Ask someone to care for your pets, use aqua globes to water your plants, and make arrangements to have your mail held at the post office by going to

Contact Information
Send your family and friends an itinerary and instructions for reaching you in case of an emergency. If you will be hiking or camping, schedule regular check-in times for calling your family.

Bill Payment
Set up payment for bills on-line or pay your bills early in order to avoid late fees.

Clean out the Refrigerator
Toss out leftovers and items that will expire before you return. Limit your grocery shopping in the weeks leading up to your vacation to the bare essentials.

Secure your apartment
Put a few lamps on timers while you’re away. Close and lock all doors and windows, including deadbolts. And finally, leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend, not under a rock!