New Apartment! Now what?

Now that you are all moved in – what do you need to do?

  • Set up utilities! Typically only water is included. You will need electricity, heat, wifi, cable, etc. See what is not provided, discuss which roommate will be handling which one and call the necessary companies to sign up.
  • Security! Never leave your apartment unlocked. Most spaces may seem safe and while living on campus, you may not have thought twice about leaving your apartment door unlocked when you go to visit a friend down the hall. This is very different when you are off campus. Even if you are visiting friends that live right downstairs, always make certain that you and your roommates always close and lock the door behind you.
  • Make Friends! Make sure to meet your neighbors and introduce yourself to them. Neighbors can be helpful if you have specific concerns about the building or the landlords.

Other tips to keep in mind

  • Some people are used to leaving a spare key hidden outside of their apartment in case they are locked out. Do not do this.
  • Only use initials on doorbells and mailboxes.
  • Any security problems should be reported to the landlord right away. Follow up to make sure the problem has been corrected. Keep track on all communication with the landlord