Searching Tips

  • Timeline for an apartment hunt should start as early as November or December, well before everyone leaves for winter break. Conversations should include money, living style, location, necessary amenities, and the process timeline.
    • January, during Winter Session will be a good time to begin your search for an apartment. Students have more time during this time to go look at spaces. This also allows you to tweak your preferences and cost expectations based on your search. This will also be before room selection for on campus housing (takes place in March) if you change your mind about off campus housing.
    • A lot of apartments are listed in March or April when current tenants tell landlords whether or not they will renew. If you are unable to find something by March, it’s okay!
  • All roommates should look at the space and agree on cost, location, and amenities, before the lease has been signed.
  • Don’t be pressured into signing. Its best to have something secured before March, however, don’t feel that you have to have something. Even if you don’t participate in room selection, there is something usually available in on campus housing through the summer. Take your time to consider options before signing anything.