2020-2021 Dining Contract Only

RISD, as an artistic and academic community, intends to provide an atmosphere where art, design, study, and learning can take place alongside healthy recreation, relaxation and social development. This balanced atmosphere is dependent upon the willingness of all RISD community members to associate in such a way that personal freedom and responsibility co‐exist. Our on campus dining services provides RISD community with quality, delicious, and artfully prepared food.

Any student participating in a RISD meal plan acknowledges, therefore, the need for socially responsible behavior. They recognize the role of the Dining Staff in promoting such behavior and will accept reasonable disciplinary action for disregarding such behavior.

The student agrees to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to Dining Services during the period covered by this agreement as outlined herein and at policies.risd.edu/student-life/dining-regulations. This contract covers both Academic Year and Summer Session programs for students who participate in a meal plan but do not live in RISD housing. Students living in RISD housing are instead subject to the Housing & Dining Contract.

Students do not need to submit a signed copy of this form. The act of selecting a meal plan online indicates acceptance of the terms of the Dining Contract.

Contract Dates and Meal Plan Periods

Academic Year Dining Plans

Academic Year Contract Cancellation Policies

For students living off campus during the Academic session (September – May), this contract is binding for the entire 2020‐2021 academic year.

The contract may be cancelled for the following reason:

  • Completion of degree requirements mid‐year.
  • Withdrawal from or taking an official leave of absence from RISD mid‐semester/year (refund policy applies).
  • Participation in a RISD approved study abroad program along with notification to Dining Office by August 1st for fall semester or December 1st for spring semester.

All cancellation appeals can be made by emailing dining@risd.edu

Meal Plan Refund Policy for Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Students

Full-time students who withdraw or take a leave from RISD after the semester begins are charged a portion of their board as follows:

Academic Year Dining Plan Changes

Academic Year Dining Plan Changes are done as follows:

Medical Accommodation Policy

Given that the health and well-being of our community are profoundly important, RISD takes special care to honor the dietary needs and customs of individual students. Exception requests would be submitted to the Menu Manager, Maureen Young via email, myoung01@risd.edu.

Medical accommodations cancellation requests must have accompanying professional documentation sent to Health Services, health@risd.edu. Please note that documentation does not guarantee cancellation, RISD Dining strives to work with students to ensure that they can participate in the communal dining program to enrich their student experience.

Emotional Support, Therapy and Service Animal Policy

As stated by law, only service animals (dogs or miniature horses) are allowed in dining facilities on campus, and must be escorted by the student at all times. Students may not bring support or therapy animals into venues and will be asked to remove the animal if present.

Dining Services Guidelines

  1. All RISD rules, policies and procedures apply within all of the RISD Dining facilities.
  2. Meal plan contracts are billed per semester. All meal plans are for the full academic year.
  3. RISD ID cards must be presented when making a Dining purchase.
  4. RISD ID cards presented by someone other than the person pictured (without health services approval) will be confiscated. An email
    will be sent to the owner of the ID card to retrieve ID in the Dining Services Office. If ID card is not picked up by dining venue closing
    time, it will be given to Public Safety or Campus Card Services.
  5. No meals from any plan roll over from semester to semester, however points roll over on all plans within the Academic Year.
  6. Meal plans and points are non‐transferable; students wishing to “treat a guest” must be present and use a guest meal, which are
    available on all meal plans, or pay for their guest with Dining points.
  7. Meal plans and points may not be used to pay for fines, outstanding balances with student accounts, equipment, art supplies or
    anything outside the standard offerings of the dining facilities.
  8. Meal plans and points may not be transferred or donated to any individual or organization unless otherwise stated by Dining Services.
  9. The removal of any dining hall property from any of the dining halls, which include but are not limited to plates, cups, forks, knives, is
    prohibited from any of the dining facilities.
  10. Food and beverage removed beyond the cashier stand without payment is considered theft. If a student is purchasing a meal to‐go they
    should put food products in an Ozzi to‐go box (green). Students will work with the Student Conduct office with theft charges.
  11. Only RISD recognized groups are allowed to distribute written materials or make presentations in the dining areas, with permission from
    the Associate Director of Dining Services.
  12. Non‐employees are not permitted in kitchen and food preparation areas, unless under the supervision of a Dining employee.
    For further explanation of the rules and regulations