Spring Closing 2023

Residence halls close for non-graduating students at Noon EST on Saturday, May 27.

Non-Graduating Students
Residence halls close at 12:00PM (Noon) EST on Saturday, May 27.

Graduating Seniors
Residence halls close at 12:00PM (Noon) EST on Sunday, June 4. All students remaining in housing must vacate their residence halls at this time.

Summer Residents
Students who applied for summer housing will stay in their Spring rooms until they move into their Summer rooms mid June.

Need to stay late?

Non-graduating students may request to stay until 12:00PM (noon) on Sunday, June 4 for $35/day. To register, please sign in to the Housing Portal and complete the Spring Departure Form under Housing Forms > Select Term (‘Academic Year 2022-2023’ if you’ve lived on campus all year; ‘Spring 2023’ if you only lived on campus for Spring > Spring Departure Form.

Requests and payments for late departures are due by May 19. Students who do not request by this date or do not complete their payment via the specified late departure fee form will have their ability to stay late revoked and will be expected to depart campus on Saturday, May 27.

Students found in their room past Noon on May 27th without permission will may be referred to the student conduct process.

Students needing to stay past June 4 will need to register for Summer Housing.

Closing Process + FOrms
>>Departure Forms

Spring Departure Form

ALL students are required to complete the Spring Departure form regardless of their graduation status or their on-time vs late departure request. This can be found under “housing forms” on the Housing Portal.

Check Out Form

The Check Out can be located and completed on the main page of the Housing Portal. This form should only be completed once you have departed campus.

Check Out Form
Opens May 20
All students in housing are asked to complete this form at the time of their departure from campus. *Summer residents do not need to complete this form.*

>>Closing Process

Leave your room as you found it.
When you leave, all furniture that came in your room should still be there and be assembled. There will be a charge to re-assemble any furniture you took apart.

Remove all belongings, perishable items, trash, and recycling.
Be respectful of our facilities team. Please remove all personal belongings, perishable items, trash, and recycling when you leave. Trash and recycling should be placed in the recycling/trash bins inside or outside of your residence hall. Belongings, trash, and recycling should NOT be placed in the hallway or common spaces. Any trash or items left behind in your room will result in a charge. Any trash or items left behind in common spaces will result in charges for the entire community.

Clean your fridges/microfridges, but do NOT unplug them.
Please remove all items from your fridges, clean the inside of your fridge, and do NOT unplug it.

Return your metal key (if applicable).
Students in Colonial, Dwight, and 15 West who have metal keys should place their key in the provided envelope (pre-labelled with their name and room assignment) and drop the envelop into the dedicated key drop box locations:

Colonial & Dwight: Outside of the Community Coordinator office in Colonial C

15 West: Outside of Public Safety in the lobby.

Keys not returned in this fashion will be considered missing and will be charged for replacement.

Clean your room.
Each room will receive a general cleaning this summer. Anything that cannot be removed/cleaned by vacuuming or a gentle wiping down of surfaces will result in a charge. Please be respectful of our cleaning team and clean up any large messes.

Remove everything from doors and walls.
Remove message boards, tape, and posters from your doors and walls. If items or residue remain a cleaning charge will apply.

Submit work orders now!
Lightbulb not working, cabinet door fell off, fridge broken? Submit a work order now to have it fixed prior to departure. All non-routine maintenance is still subject to a damage charge.

Close and lock your windows and doors.

Keep your ID on you!
Your ID is for your entire time here at RISD. As such, keep it with you and safe during the summer months. You will need it to access your residence hall and academic buildings in the fall.


Jones Moving and Storage
(401) 421-0081

Jones Moving and Storage is our officially recognized storage company. Any student wishing to utilize Jones must call them to arrange for storage. Pre-paid contracts will guarantee on campus, in room, delivery in September.

Important Storage Notes:

  • No storage or moving company may enter the residence halls during move out except Jones Moving and Storage.
  • Students choosing curbside pick up for Jones, or are using a different storage company, must move their belongings outside of the residence hall and physically be there for the company to pick them up.
  • Residence Life will not allow other storage companies into the residence halls to pick up any other storage items.
Boxes and shipping

UPS will be on campus May 25-27 in the Upper Quad and 15 West selling boxes.

UPS will also ship your packages for you. Please check the UPS website for more information on rates.


Contact your Community Coordinator if you have any questions about moving out.

Colonial, Dwight and Hill Houses
Selena Hocker, Shocker@risd.edu

East, Homer and South Halls
Brendan Cody, bcody@risd.edu

Nickerson and North Halls + 15 West
Zach Raso, zraso@risd.edu