Sophomore Housing

The RISD sophomore year is a transitional period for students as they navigate their new major at RISD. To support this transition, for the first time, all Hill Houses, 15 West Alcove Suites, and South Hall will be designated as the RISD Sophomore Area.

The RISD Sophomore Area communities provide students with an independent and close knit living experience, which provides opportunities for sophomores to navigate their new majors together, while forging new connections and pathways for success at RISD. Sophomores living in these communities will also benefit from targeted programs and events designed to help them develop concrete connections between academics and extracurricular experiences. All rising sophomores have priority housing selection to choose rooms in this area.

Buildings Include:

The following buildings and floors are designated for sophomores. Sophomores have priority housing selection for these spaces. Click on the building to view room types, amenities, and floor plans.

  • 15 West
    • Alcove Suites, Floors 3-5
    • Note: 3rd floor not available for 2021-2022
  • Hill Houses
    • Barstow House
    • Carpenter House
    • Congdon House
    • Dexter House
    • Dunnell House
    • Larned House
    • Nightingale House
    • Pardon Miller House
  • South Hall
Sophomore Area Room Types:

Click on the room types below to learn more about those rooms and view photos.

BuildingRoom Types
15 West
(Floors 3-5)
Alcove Suite Single
Alcove Suite Shared (Double or Triple)
Hill HousesSingle Room
Shared Room (Double, Triple, or Quad)
South HallSingle Room
Shared Room (Double, Triple, or Quad)

The sophomore year at RISD is an exciting time for students as they begin to navigate their major, forge new relationships, and start exploring their opportunities and resources at RISD. New for the 2021-2022 academic year, Residence Life, in collaboration with Student Affairs, will provide sophomores with a living learning experience.

Living together, sophomores will engage with a variety of programs in the residence halls that aim to support them throughout the sophomore year. Professional staff, RAs, AIRs, and campus resources will provide programs aimed exclusively to sophomores.

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The following Community Coordinators supervise the sophomore area buildings. Community Coordinators are your go-to person for any questions or issues you may have living in these buildings.

Community CoordinatorBuildings
Gabriel Navarro
Office Phone: 401-454-6650
Office Location: Colonial C02
Hill Houses
Colonial Apartments
Dwight House
Becky Cole
Office Phone: 401-454-6650
Office Location: 15 West, 1st Floor
15 West
Bri Demorcy
Office Phone: 401-454-6650
Office Location: South Hall
South Hall