Shared Alcove Suite (Double or Triple)

Part of the Suite Experience, each Alcove Suite Double or Triple is part of the collection by the same name. Students with a sophomore status or higher are allowed to select to live in this type of housing.

Alcove suites are a shared living space, with residents of the suite sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and communal area. Double and triple rooms within the suites house 2 and 3 individuals, respectively.

Take a look:

15 West 317A & Kitchen. Drag image around to see 360 view.

Bedroom Amenities:
  • Extra-long twin beds for each student
  • Dressers for each student
  • Desks for each student
  • Desk chairs for each student
  • “Closet” space for students
  • Curtains on a ceiling track which can be utilized for extra privacy for each student
Shared Amenities:
  • Medium sized refrigerator
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Electric burner cooking system with ventilation system
  • Full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower/tub)

*Please note: The pictures above are examples of the room type. All rooms vary in shape and size, please look at the floor plan for each room for more accurate sizing