Pre-College 2023

Welcome to RISD and Providence!

  • April 4: Housing Application Portal opens for Pre-College students to complete their housing application.
  • May 1: Housing application due.
  • Early June: Students will receive their housing assignment and roommate information via email.

Many Pre-College students opt to live on campus in the residence halls. Residence Life provides safe, social and inclusive opportunities throughout the program. Live-in professional staff and student resident advisors (RAs) supervise the residence halls as well as mentor and support you along the way.

Students will have the opportunity to live in single-sex rooms within mixed-gender floors, gender inclusive floors and single-gender floors. Single, double and triple rooms are available. There will be an opportunity in the housing application process for students to indicate their housing preference. If you’re interested in gender-inclusive housing options, please email Once accepted, you’ll receive instructions on how to complete the online housing application.

If you need specific housing accommodations due to medical needs, you’ll be asked to fill out a request as well as provide a letter from your physician at the same time you apply for housing.

Residential students are expected to remain on campus throughout the duration of the program with the exception of their predetermined “Weekend Aways,” to preferably be arranged before the start of the program through or by 12pm EST on the Thursday immediately preceding their desired weekend away via the Parent Portal.

If you have any other questions regarding Pre-College housing, please contact RISD’s Residence Life office,


An important part of the Pre-College experience is getting to meet new friends in a new environment; that’s why we don’t give the option of requesting a specific roommate. Roommates are assigned based on your answers to questions about lifestyle preferences included in the online housing application.

Room changes are not granted during the Pre-College program, with the exception of emergencies.

Cars on Campus

Students living in the residence halls may not operate motor vehicles (including scooters and motorcycles) while in residence on campus.

Residence Halls

Pre-College students live in the first year area, also known as the Quad. Click here to learn more about these residence halls, view video tours, and learn what comes in a room.

Preparing to Move In
Sofie Levin ’22