Sophomore Experience

The sophomore year at RISD is an exciting time for students as they begin to navigate their major, forge new relationships, and start exploring their opportunities and resources at RISD. New for the 2021-2022 academic year, Residence Life, in collaboration with Student Affairs, will provide sophomores with a living learning experience.

Living together, sophomores will engage with a variety of programs in the residence halls that aim to support them throughout the sophomore year and beyond. Professional staff, RAs, AIRs, and campus resources will provide exciting and engaging programs aimed exclusively to sophomores that will help you navigate your time at RISD!

The first year experience is an exciting time as you transition into college and begin to step out on your own! We want to keep that energy going right into sophomore year! This is what the sophomore experience is all about. Students who participate in the sophomore experience, will get better connected to peers, build a strong sense of community, engage in events created just for them, and share memories with fellow sophomores. This sophomore experience will expand knowledge outside of the classroom and help students envision life past sophomore year. By joining the sophomore experience you will grow as a person, get connected to resources, learn more about yourself, and find your home at RISD. 

Sophomores living on campus will:
  • With the RISD community
  • With Sophomore specific resources on campus
  • With programs, activities, and leadership opportunities specific to Sophomores within residence halls
  • Upon campus involvement
  • Upon individual RISD and career possibilities
  • Upon your individual skill set
  • Your purpose as an artist and designer
  • Concrete goals and pathways for the future
  • New career opportunities
  • Your best you