First Year Experience

Launch yourself into your first year! RISD Launch provides support in your academic, social, and personal endeavors to assist you in becoming the person and artist you are meant to be at RISD.

Welcome to RISD! We’re excited to welcome you to your new home in the fall!

RISD Launch provides activities, events, and opportunities to connect with campus resources, explore all that RISD has to offer, and set you up for success. Throughout your first year you will engage with the following:

Building Self-Assurance

Learning to develop confidence in yourself and your skills as an artist and designer at RISD.

Creating a Foundation for Academic Success

Connecting with peers, faculty, and resources to better understand, adapt, and be successful within your Foundation Year studies.

Developing Fellowship

Creating connections with your peers, RISD, and the Providence community through a variety of social events and activities.

Evolving as a Student

Beginning to utilize campus resources, advocate for yourself, and successfully transition to college life and expectations.

Engage with Social Justice and Equity

Engaging with topics of social justice and equity to enhance your understanding of yourself, others, and becoming critical makers in a global society.

RISD Launch Activities

First year students will have a wide variety of social programs, activities, and more to attend within the residence halls – all crafted specifically for you! We aim to provide multiple ways of getting involved, from social events and floor meetings, to bulletin boards, pamphlets, and more. Examples include, but are not limited to,:

  • First Year Orientation
  • Weekly RA floor social programs
  • Foundation Year Kick Off
  • Academic Major Exploration Panel
  • Internship Connect
  • Time Management Workshops
  • Social Justice and Equity group conversations
  • Foundation Send Off; Sophomore Year Kickoff

First years who attend programs will be entered into raffles to win prizes throughout the academic year.

Questions? Suggestions?

We’re here to make your first year at RISD successful and fun! We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, ideas, or want to know more about getting involved.

Brendan Cody
Community Coordinator
Homer, East & South Halls