Living on Campus

CURATE Your RISD Living Experience

The Residence Life Office provides an inclusive environment of learning and transformation with an emphasis on knowledge of and care for self, active community engagement, and social justice that encourages the development of responsible critical makers.

By living on campus and engaging in the community, it is our goal that residents will reach the following three outcomes. These outcomes stem from our educational priority as a residential campus.

Understanding of & Care for Self

To be truly engaged in community, residents should examine personal and social identities, values, beliefs, and methods of self care. Through positive self exploration residents will identify avenues to care for self as emerging artists and designers.

Understanding & Inclusion of Others

Community at RISD is not limited to the exploration of self, but extends to an awareness and appreciation of other individuals within the residential space. Residents will learn how to examine and celebrate the social identities, cultures, and experiences within the community through meaningful dialogue which will extend into sustainable relationship-building. These relationships will set the foundation for visible acts of community caring by members and will extend into their making process beyond the residence halls.

Community Responsibility  

Everyone plays a role in the creation and ownership of community. The impact of one’s actions goes beyond one’s self. With an awareness, understanding, and ethic of care for one’s self and others, residents will develop a commitment to and work in collaboration towards creating an inclusive, safe, vibrant, and just community. The formation of such a community supports resident commitment, belonging, and success