Room Selection Guide


How to Participate in Online Room Selection (2-Part Process) 
STEP 1: Sign the Housing Contract by February 28th to request a time-slot

  • To request a time-slot, log onto the Housing Portal.
    • Requests made after this day may get a later time-slot than their peers.
  • Enter your RISD user name and your current password.
  • Select academic year 2020-2021 to request a time slot for next year.
  • Click “Continue”
  • Sign the Housing and Dining Contract – NOTE: Once you have signed the contract, receive a time-slot and you do NOT select a room – you will be charged $300 as a cancellation fee.
  • Review the available rooms and floor plans.
  • Room rates can be found above under Living at RISD
  • All time slots will be emailed to students on March 4th.

STEP 2: Select a Room
To Keep the Same Room “Renew Current Bed” 
A current sophomore, junior, senior, 5th year, or graduate student who wishes to retain his/her current room assignment for the 2020-2021 academic year, may do as follows:

  • After signing the housing and dining contract you can renew your room during the February 17th – March 3rd period!
  • If you live in a totally private unit (i.e. single, studio apt., studio loft), select your own room in the ‘Renew Current Bed’ section of the portal. Save your work, select a meal plan. Done!
  • Students who live in a multi-person unit such as an apartment, double room, alcove suite etc. will need to book all spaces in the unit with other students who have requested a time-slot. To renew your room, you must do the following:
  1. Determine who your roommates will be. You must have enough members in your group to fill all beds in your unit.
  2. Determine a group leader. This should be someone who currently lives in the room, suite, or apartment and plans to stay in that same room for 2020-21 (doesn’t plan to switch to another room in the suite or apartment). The Group Leader is responsible for: creating the group in the portal, renewing their own bed in the portal, and assigning group members to other beds and/or rooms to fill the unit.
  3. The Group Leader will only be able to find students who have signed a housing contract. if they have not signed the contract you cannot search for them. To create a group go to the create/edit groups page.
  4. The Group Leader must complete the “Renew Current Bed” page on the housing portal before March 4th.
  5. The portal will ask the group leader to assign the group members to the room, suite, or apartment after the group leader has renewed their own bed.  You cannot reserve an apartment or suite if there is a vacancy left in the living unit.
  6. Select ‘Reserve Bed’ and all student’s rooms will then be reserved.

All students will then be required to log in to the portal to select their meal plan to complete their application.
*students that are squatting cannot leave their belongings in their rooms over the summer. Residents of Charles Landing can do this ONLY if they request housing for the Summer for an additional fee.
**Charles Landing residents may not be able to stay in their room over the summer as we will be renovating several apartments.
Individual Room Selection

  • If you wish to reserve a room individually, log on to the Housing Portal during your appointed day/time slot (you will receive your time slot information in an email on March 4th).
    • You will complete the ‘Individual Room Selection Page on the Housing Portal.
  • Make your selection, select ‘Reserve Bed’ and confirm your meal plan. Done!

 Group Room Selection

  • Remember that shared rooms must be selected by a ‘group’ of students who wish to room together. Discuss room preferences with your friends in advance of room selection.

How to Create a Group:

  1. Determine a group leader after receiving time-slots on Monday, March 4th. The person who has the earliest time-slot should be the group leader.
  2. The Group Leader is responsible for: creating the group in the portal, renewing their own bed in the portal, and assigning group members to other beds and/or rooms to fill the unit.
  3. The Group Leader should make sure that everyone in the group has filled out a Timeslot Request. You can do this by searching for those students in the ‘Roommate Group’ Page of the Housing Portal.   If someone is not appearing, ask them if requested a time-slot.  If the student has not done this, they will need to do this ASAP.
  4. The Group Leader must select their bed in a room or suite during their appointed day and time-slot in the ‘Group Room Selection’ Page on the Portal.
  5. After the group leader has selected their own bed, the portal will ask the group leader to assign the group members to the other rooms in the suite or apartment.  The group leader should fill every space in the unit. If there is a vacancy in the living unit you are trying to select, you will not be able choose that unit.
  6. Select ‘Reserve Bed’ and all rooms in the unit will then be assigned to the members of the group. All students will be required to log in to select their meal plan to complete the application.
  • You must have enough members in your group to fill all beds in the unit that you select in the portal during room selection.  It is helpful to have alternate group plans in the event that the room type you wish to select is not available.

Required Residency for Rising Sophomores (Current First Year Students)
All first and second year students are required to reside on campus and are guaranteed housing.  Students can request a waiver for this requirement if they meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Married
  • 21 years of age or older as of September 1, 2019
  • Living at home with a parent/guardian

To request a waiver of this requirement, students will need to submit an online request to the Residence Life Office before February 15th, 2020.  Requests are NOT approved until you receive written confirmation from the Office of Residence Life.   Rising sophomores who do not pay a deposit and do not choose to participate in room selection will be assigned a space from those remaining following Online Room Selection.

EHP Applicants for Fall 2020
Due to the strong demand for upper-class housing, those students who apply to attend the EHP program in Rome, Italy for the Fall 2020 semester are not eligible for room selection for the fall semester on the Providence campus.  If any of those students are subsequently denied the opportunity or choose not to attend EHP in the fall, we will place their name on a priority waiting list for housing, if requested.

Dual Degree Students
Brown University requires six semesters of residency on campus.  Dual Degree students in their 2nd year must live at Brown University.  Dual Degree Students in their 3rd year can fulfill this requirement at either Brown’s or RISD’s campus.  However, you cannot choose rooms on both campuses.   If you do, you will be charged a cancellation fee.   If you are a rising junior, senior, or 5th year senior, you have the option to participate in Room Selection to live on RISD’s Campus.  To participate in RISD’s Room Selection, you must request a timeslot by February 28th.

On-Campus Housing Rates
While room rates have not been formally approved for next year, in general single rooms cost more than shared rooms and apartment spaces cost more than those in the Hill Houses.  Tentative Rates are posted on the Residence Life Housing website as soon as they are available.   Rates include heat, water, electricity, and internet connection.  15 West and Charles Landing rates also include cable TV service and air conditioning.  Student parking is available at Charles Landing to any student for an additional fee.

Dining Plans

  • Dining plans are now billed with your housing. You will only be able to select the meal plan that comes with your room.

Please be aware of the following Meal Plan Rules:

  • All Freshman must select the Foundation meal plan
  • All students in Essential or Suite Experience rooms must select from either the Residential or Foundation Meal Plan
  • All Apartment experience rooms are paired with the Flex 7 meal plan
    • Students are able to upgrade to the Foundation or Residential Meal Plan for an additional cost
    • Sophomores and Juniors can elect to drop down to the Flex 5 meal plan
    • Seniors and Graduate students can choose the commuter or no meal plan at all.

Special and Medical Needs Housing
Students with special or medical needs that impact their housing assignment should complete an application for a housing accommodation. The forms are due by Saturday, February  15th for students looking to participate in Room Selection. More information about accommodation requests can be found here; Medical Accommodations.

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