Early Decision FAQs

I was accepted to RISD! Yay!!! Now what??

Welcome! We are excited to welcome our new students. Once your enrollment deposit has been processed  you will receive an email from the Admissions Office with your RISD email and password.

What email address are they sending this to?

This should go to the email address that you submitted with your application. Same one Admissions used to send you your acceptance.

I can’t find it. Did I miss it?

Wait 2 business days after your enrollment deposit has been processed and keep a close eye on your junk or spam folder.

I still can’t find it.. what do I do?

Contact Admissions at (401) 454-6300. You can also email them at admissions@risd.edu.

I have my email – now what?

You will need to change the temporary password by going to pwchange.risd.edu. You won’t be able to log on to the housing portal if you do not change your password.

The temporary password won’t work?

It may have expired. You will need to contact the Admissions office at (401) 454-6300.

What is the Housing Portal?

RISD’s Housing Portal is used by all students to request on campus housing. You will use the portal to select a room, find roommates, request to stay over breaks, and so much more!

When is the Early Decision Housing Application available? Do I have to apply early?

The Housing Portal opens for Early Decision students on February 1st. The portal will allow you to begin searching for roommates and making roommate pairs.  You will not select your actual room until May. 

Do I have to pick a roommate?

First year housing is predominantly shared rooms. When going through room selection it is best to have a roommate and pick a room together. You can also select a bed in a double room and be paired randomly with someone.

How does Room Selection work?

All first year students will participate in room selection in late May. Students will be assigned a time to pick their room. More information and steps for the process will be emailed to students to their RISD email.

Can I talk to them before I request them?

Absolutely! We encourage you to speak with all of your choices. Here are some guides to start the conversation: Picking a Roommate

Where can I find more information about housing rates, meal plans, etc?

Above on the menu under Living On Campus.

Can I still apply to Brown for the Dual Degree program?

The deadline to apply for Brown is January 1st. You must be admitted to both schools to be eligible for consideration in the Dual Degree program. Mark on your application that you are interested in the program.

Do I need to register for Fall classes?

No. First year students all go through Experimental and Foundation Studies, which has a prescribed class schedule. You will have access to your class schedule in September.

Where do I get information about move-in dates, packages, etc.?

Continue to check your RISD email. As we get closer to the Summer you will start receiving emails from several offices including Student Affairs, ResLife, your Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, etc. As we finalize things we will be sure to share with you. Stay close to your RISD email (starting in May) and look at our websites for updated information.