Medical Accommodations

Students requesting a change or an accommodation for their housing on campus due to a medical reason must follow the following guidelines. Please contact the Residence Life Office for additional questions or concerns.

2023-2024 AY Medical Accommodation Timelines

Medical accommodations for the 23-24 AY are reviewed monthly by the Medical Accommodations Review Committee. Submission prior to the 1st of each month will ensure review in a timely response.

Table of Content
1. Guidelines for Documentation
2. Factors Considered When Evaluating Requests
3. Animal Policy
4. How to Submit Request
5. Forms + Policies

Guidelines for Documentation

In order to accurately and equitably evaluate housing accommodations based on medical, psychological, or disability related conditions, documentation is required to establish the existence of the condition that necessitates accommodations. Documentation consists of a provided form which will allow for written evaluation by an appropriate professional (not a relative of the student) that explains the nature of the condition and why the condition results in a need for housing accommodations. Please note that a student’s “evaluation date” must be within the previous calendar year.

No additional documentation from a medical provider is required. Letters written by medical providers can not be submitted in lieu of the required provider form.

Factors Considered When Evaluating Requests

Housing assignments and the residential learning environment are integral parts of RISD programs, particularly for first year students. The submitted request and supporting documentation are reviewed carefully on a case by case basis using the following criteria. Part of the committee’s consideration is the written documentation by the treating professional. A follow-up conversation with the treating professional by the member of the Health Services and/or Counseling staff may be necessary in some instances.

Severity of the condition – the impact on the student if the request is not met
  • Will the student be able to reside in RISD housing?
  • Is the impact of the condition life threatening?
  • Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent?
  • Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition in question?
  • What is the likely impact on academic performance?
  • What is the likely impact on social development?
Timing of the request
  • Was the request made before the deadline for housing accommodation requests for the semester in question?
  • Was the request made as soon as possible after identifying the need?
  • Based on date of diagnosis, receipt of housing assignment, change in status, etc.

Note: Both required forms (the student form submitted via a digital form within the application and the Medical Provider form (paper needing scanning after completion) must be received by the deadline via the Housing Portal. The Medical Provider form does not need to be uploaded at the time of the student form completion, but will still need to be completed before any review will begin. Please see room selection dates and deadlines or contact Residence Life for more information.

Animal Policy

Students with medical documentation supporting their need for an Emotional Support or Service Animal may be allowed to have such an animal in RISD Housing Facilities if the following conditions are met:

  1. The student must have approved medical documentation supporting both their need for the animal, and their need to live in a location where animals are not typically permitted
  2. The animal and owner must comply with the conditions outlined in the Residential Animal Policy
  3. Not all RISD housing is suitable to animal care, and as such, RISD reserves the right to relocate students to ensure the health and safety of the overall residential community, residential animals, and owners.

Students requesting an animal due to a medical need must submit the medical housing accommodation forms. After approval, students will be required to submit the animal registration form with vaccination records and a current photo to Residence Life office prior to move in. Students are only permitted to have ONE animal reside with them.

Only one animal is permitted per living environment. Students in shared spaces, including multi-bedroom apartments, will be asked to relocated if more than one student is approved to have an ESA.

Submitting your Medical Accommodation Request

  1. Visit the RISD Housing Portal
  2. Click the ‘Student Forms’ option in the top banner
  3. Select ‘Housing Forms’
  4. Select the term that your request is for
  5. Select ‘Medical Accommodation Request’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. Read through the Medical Accommodation Guidelines, and download the Medical Provider form if necessary. Click ‘Save & Continue.’
  7. Complete the Student Medical Accommodation Form. Click ‘Save & Continue.’
  8. Upload your completed, signed, and scanned Medical Provider form. Click ‘Save & Continue’
    1. To make this process easier, please properly label the document(s) with your first initial and last name, followed by “Medical Provider Form”. For example: J. Doe Medical Provider Form.

Policies and Forms: