Summer Housing 2021

Housing for the summer of 2021 is available for students wishing to remain on campus and in Providence.

Applications are due May 14.

How to Request Summer Housing
  1. To request summer housing, click on the link above.
  2. Sign into the Student Life Portal
  3. Click on ‘On Campus Housing Application’
  4. Select ‘Summer Housing 2021’
  5. Complete the application
Residence Halls

Students will be placed in 15 West, primarily in 3 or 4 bedroom apartments and will have roommates. A limited number of 2 bedroom or private studio lofts may be available.

Dining During the Summer

Dining options during the summer are expected to be extremely limited. As such, no meal plans are available for summer 2021.

Students may use RISDbucks on campus this summer for vending, laundry, at the stores, and at any dining venues (if open). Students should plan to cook for themselves at times if they are staying for the summer. More information about dining availability will be forthcoming to those who apply for summer housing

COVID Protocols

Any student remaining on campus for summer 2021 will be expected to follow all COVID protocols on campus, including the guest policy. Please click here to review COVID policies. Students will be required to be regularly tested for COVID during the summer. Students may also be required to report any travel during the summer months.

All quarantine and isolation protocols from the 2020-2021 academic year apply during summer 2021.

Summer Housing Pricing
15 West 3 or 4 bedroom apartment, or 2 bedroom loft$280/Week*

$2,300 for the full summer
15 West private studio loft$350/Week*

$2,900 for the full summer

*Summer will be billed by week to the maximum full summer price.  For example, students staying 1-7 nights would be billed for one week. Students staying 8-14 nights would be billed for two weeks, and so on.  There are no adjustments for partial week stays.  Any stay exceeding 8 weeks will be billed at the full summer price. Summer housing start and end dates vary depending on spring or fall housing assignments and scheduled move-out or move-in dates. Students in summer housing will need to transition to their fall assignments in early August to allow for cleaning of summer rooms before fall residents move in. Students living off-campus in the fall will need to move out of summer housing by August 8th.