Roommate Talks

So you have a roommate, now what?

  • Contact your roommate! If you have not already done so, email or Facebook them. Exchange phones numbers if you are both able and like phone chats. Have some ice breaker conversations.
    • Topics can be:
      • Where are you from? Whats your hometown like?
      • Why did you choose RISD?
      • What department are you interested in? Why?
      • What extracurriculars were are you involved in high school and would like to be involved in at RISD?
      • Have you been to Providence? What was your experience like?
      • What are you looking forward to at RISD?
  • You just started talking to your roommate, take your time and get to know each other. You don’t have to be best friends right away and have deep, extremely personal conversations. As you get closer to move in and live together you will learn more about each other.
  • Talk about some boundaries. What are absolute do not’s and must do’s:
    • Cleaning? Guests? TVs? Music? Phone Calls? Homework?
  • Talk to each other as much or as little as needed. Some roommates talk everyday, others talk once a week.
  • Finally – don’t judge a book by its cover. You will make MANY friends at RISD. Don’t stress, don’t panic, and be yourself!

Looking forward to having you all on campus in September!

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