Incoming Graduate Student Housing

Living On-Campus

Graduate students are not required to live on campus at RISD, and there are limited on-campus housing options available. Students who wish to live on-campus should email us at Please note that housing is not guaranteed and is based on availability. If placed in housing on campus, you are financially committed to living on campus for the entire academic year. All on-campus rooms come with a dining allotment which is included in the room price and may not be separated. Graduate students who primarily prefer to cook for themselves should consider living off-campus

Living Off-Campus

The majority of RISD Graduate students live off-campus, often in apartments close by campus, including Charles Landing (see below). Note that Graduate students who live off-campus must complete the “Off-Campus Registration” form annually via the Student Life Portal by logging in and clicking on “Off-Campus Applications.”

Meal Plans

Graduate students who reside off-campus during the academic year are eligible to purchase a meal plan to aid in dining while on campus for classes. More information regarding options and pricing can be found in the Student Life Portal.

Off-Campus Housing in Providence

While RISD does not have active listings for students searching for housing in the Providence and surrounding area, we do supply information and searching tips on our website on the Apartment Hunt page.

Charles Landing Apartments (Off Campus)

RISD Residence Life leased the Charles Landing apartments for students for 10+ years. Effective July 1, 2021, Charles Landing is managed by Taymil Partners LLC.

Conveniently located close to the RISD campus on North Main Street and Charles Street, Charles Landing Apartments continue to make for a great off-campus option for graduate students.

Those interested in living at Charles Landing should contact Taymil Partners LLC at (401) 214-8108 or visit

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the Residence Life Office at or by calling 401-454-6650.