Housing Selection 2021-2022

This page provides a general overview of Housing Selection 2021-2022. Please select your student status for the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Housing Selection 2021-2022 Webinar

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Every housing placement comes with a designated dining allotment. This is part of the total cost. Students are unable to remove a dining allotment from their room rate. For more information on the Dining allotments, please review the 2021-2022 Housing + Dining room rates.


The Housing Placement Request list is a way to select a room for the fall without picking a specific room during your timeslot.  Students who opt to sign up for the list 1) skip the timeslot and room placement timeline, and 2) let us know the types of rooms they prefer.  Residence Life will then place them over the summer into the best room possible. We will also not charge you more than the room type(s) you requested – so if you want a Hill House double and all we have is a Studio Loft, you pay for the double. 

Additionally, there is no penalty fee for Juniors and Seniors who opt for the Housing Placement List and then decide to move off-campus before taking a room.

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