Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

We do not restrict roommate pairings based on sex, gender identity or gender expression. This means that any student can choose to live with one another, regardless of sex, gender identity or gender expression, in a shared room. However, the Residence Life Office will only honor a request mutually made by all parties.

If you are interested in gender inclusive housing option we can provide you with a personal and confidential assessment of the available options. Please email us at

Additional resources for LGBTQ students can be found here:

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My daughter will be a freshman this fall 2018 and I would like to know is she required to live on campus. If so, I would like to know how can I find housing that houses females only. Thank you.

Hi! Yes, students select their roommates during the room selection process in the spring. Incoming first year students receive information about room selection and how to select a roommate in the late spring.

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