Living at RISD

All over the world artists choose to live in close proximity to one another looking for the creative exchange they need to fuel their work and enrich their lives.

RISD’s Residence Life program offers the same sense of shared community, with a wide variety of appealing housing options right on campus. Whether you live in our First Year Quad, the historic Hill Houses, Colonial Apartments, or 15 West, you’ll discover that the people here—who not only study at RISD but immerse themselves fully in the life of the campus community—share a passion for their work and a curiosity about others.

Living on campus, you’ll find inspiration, relaxation, fun, friends – all in an energizing and supportive atmosphere. You’ll find what it takes to round out your studio explorations and make your RISD experience everything it was meant to be.

Communal dining plays an important role in RISD’s residential program.  For each type of room at RISD there is an associated amount of dining included in the cost of a room.

Residence Halls at RISD are thriving artist communities—built for convenience with safety and security as a top priority.

Illustration used in header created by Sofie Levin, Illustration ’22