Spring 2021 Quarantine

Welcome to campus for the Spring 2021 semester! We’re excited to welcome many of you back to campus, and for some of you to welcome you to campus for the first time! It takes a community effort to effectively protect each other’s health. Quarantine is an essential component of safeguarding the RISD community.

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Quarantine begins as soon as you move into your residence hall.

General Information
  • All students moving to campus for spring semester are required to quarantine for 14 days upon moving in.
  • Quarantine is required regardless of being vaccinated or testing negative.
  • Students are required to be tested for COVID upon arrival to campus.
  • Students are required to complete the COVID re-orientation by February 22. This takes about 1 hour.
Virtual Activites

RISD is hosting a wide variety of virtual activities during your quarantine period. Activities can be found at involved.risd.edu

Prohibited Activities
  • For quarantine to be successful, it is imperative that all community members follow these policies. Students who are found to not be following these guidelines will be referred to the conduct system.
    • Congregating indoors or outdoors with other people
    • Visiting family and/or friends on and off campus, this includes other RISD students
    • Going shopping or running errands
    • Going to local restaurants, coffee shops, or grocery stores
    • Visiting communal lounges, work rooms, laundrys, and kitchens
    • Going to RISD buildings, including the mailroom
    • Using RISD rides

RISD Rides will not be operating during quarantine from February 12 – 28. RISD Rides will resume on March 1.


We ask that students refrain from using laundry rooms as much as possible. However, we know that sometimes spills and such happen. If you must do laundry, please do so when no one else is using the laundry facility.


Students should refer to the email they received from Residence Life at check-in for the date of their last day of quarantine.

Access to academic buildings, including the Mailroom, will not begin until March 1 for those who have successfully completed quarantine and the COVID public health training.

Dining: Regular Dining hours will begin on Sunday, February 28. If you complete quarantine prior to February 28, please continue to use your Dining meal plan in the same manner you’ve used it during quarantine.

Guest Policy for students completing quarantine:
Students who have completed quarantine:
1. May not host other students currently in quarantine. 
2. May not host guests if any roommates are actively still in quarantine.
3. May not host off-campus RISD students or non-RISD guests.
4. May only host one (1) guest if 1) the host does not have roommates currently in quarantine, 2) the guest lives on campus, and 3) the guest is currently not in quarantine.

Students currently in quarantine should not have any guests in their rooms, nor should they be visiting others either on or off campus.


Baseline COVID testing is required for all students. Testing will take place in the RISD Museum Benefit Street entrance. Testing is required even if you are vaccinated or test negative prior to arriving on campus.

  • Dining Hours, 2/12-17
    • 11:00am-2:00pm
    • 5:00-8:00pm
  • [NEW] Students will pick up their meals at their assigned dining venue.
  • The Met and Portfolio will serve the same meals during quarantine.
  • Breakfast bags will be available for pick up at both lunch and dinner.
  • Have a dietary restriction or special meal requirement? Contact Maureen Young in Dining at myoung01@risd.edu
  • Follow Dining on instagram for the most up-to-date information: @RISDDining
Monitor Your Health

Complete the RISD Health Assessment on the myRISD app daily. Use a thermometer and check your temperature daily. If you are not feeling well, contact Health Services.


The purpose of quarantine is to reduce your contact with others as much as possible. As such, guests are not permitted in your room during quarantine. Nor should you go to other rooms on or off campus.

Completing quarantine

After a student has successfully completed their 14 days of quarantine, they will be able to attend classes, utilize campus buildings, leave campus, go shopping, and work on campus jobs.

Outside of quarantine, students should not interact with peers who are still in quarantine until they have completed it. All students will be required to wear facial coverings on campus, following physical distancing guidelines, and continue to monitor their health. Students who are ill during the academic year may need to quarantine again in their rooms.

  • Students will not have access to the mailroom during quarantine.
  • If you have medically necessary prescriptions arriving during quarantine, please contact Health Services.
  • Supplies for the first week of classes should be brought with you or ordered through the RISD Store for pick up.
Go Outside!

We encourage students to exercise and go outside up to 2 hours a day. This must be done alone. Explore downtown, the east side, and get out of your room in a physically distant manner. Students should not be going shopping, out to meet friends, or to restaurants.

Card Access

Students will only have card access to their residence hall and their assigned dining hall during quarantine. Card access to other buildings will begin on March 1 once you successfully complete quarantine.


Campus resources will still remain available via phone during quarantine in the event students need help. Residents may also connect virtually with their Resident Advisor or Advocate for Inclusion in Residence. Public Safety, Health Services, and Counseling and Psychological Services will also be available.

Academic Supplies

Students will be in quarantine for their first week of class. As such, students should bring necessary materials with them upon moving in.

Students may order supplies through the RISD Store and 3D store for curbside pick-up or residence hall delivery. To make an order from the 3D store, please email the RISD store.